Das Tragische und seine Grenzen

Interview mit Simon Critchley über die Tragödie und darüber, warum er sie der Philosophie für überlegen hält:

Unlike Nietzsche and a whole series of others for whom tragedy is a kind of pre-rational fusion with being, what you actually see in tragedy is rational argumentation moving between two positions. However, reason is not triumphant. Cassandra is going to be sold into slavery to Agamemnon and she’s going to die. So we see that reason can produce incredibly strong arguments but in the end it bumps up against the facts of history or the reality of violence, which it cannot overcome. The founding delusion of philosophy is that reason can ultimately find an underlying pattern in reality or history and can, through the force of the better argument, transform things. Tragedy does not believe in such a view. Tragedy is more pessimistic.