Tweets from London

(in no particular order)

When the Real breaks through, everything seems like a film

Supermarkets in E1, E3 seem to be closing about five hours early today.

Hipsters out in force to watch riot #londonriots

Locked inside a Tescos near Euston after about 20 teenagers came in and smashed shit up with iron bars.

people in tottenham mcdonalds are making their own food #LondonRiots

This is the worst Olympic opening ceremony ever.

Horrifying. A picture of a woman jumping out of the window of a burning building in Surrey St. #LondonRiots

I saw 3 or 4 young women looting Tesco Express for nappies and milk tonight. Difficult and serious problems beneath this mess #londonriots

PM had been monitoring developments „on an hourly basis“. Making every Twitter user in the UK better informed than him #londonriots

„You wouldn’t be talking to me now if we didn’t riot, would you?“ #londonriots

Atmosphere in #Clapton part fearful, part carnival. People buying chicken to eat while watching action. Takeaway 50m from riots packed

Well David Cameron, you’ve presided over more social unrest & rioting than anyone since Margaret Thatcher. You’re a tribute to your party.

‚This is a television. They’ve ripped it off the wall. Why? They clearly didn’t want it.‘ #skygoeschrismorris

Norway loses 92 children and suggests more democracy. We lose 12 JD Sports and some Nandos and demand the army and rubber bullets

„Madness of today summed up by a looter in Clapham who waited for the green man at crossing with a TV & laptop under his arms“

Here’s full footage of amazing #hackney matriarch confronting rioters, which I filmed last night

Kingsland Road chaotic as Turkish men attack other, predominantly black, youths with sticks, metal barricades and bricks. #hackney

@dalstonisweird Gilbert&George’s restaurant safe; defending Turks being interviewed by Spain TV!

/ponders/ I wonder if they will still pick up the recycling tomorrow? #middleclassworries

No one from the government was available to appear on #newsnight tonight to talk about the London riots

Recreational rioting, recreational governing.

Phillip Blond now going on about „gang culture“. Yes, that’s right, the East End has only recently become home to gangs. Oh wait.

Here’s what the last 3 nights of #londonriots show: when the gov is on vacation, police has no strategy, cities burning: blame the phones

right, really going to make an attempt at bed now. If I wake up and we’re under martial law, I won’t be surprised at all.

@entschwindet Don’t worry – your dreams will probably be a set of ordered linear narratives. The balance has tipped.